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Three Elements Of Choosing Stone Carving Machine
2019-03-29 15:22:19

With the development of the times, stone carving machines gradually show their face and play a great role in stone carving. Stone carving machines are inseparable from stone carving machines for stone tablets, stone statues and stone decorations. How to improve the processing efficiency of stone carving machines when using stone carving machines? What role do they play and how to choose a stone carving machines? Let's look at the three elements of choosing the stone carving machine with us.

Three Elements of Choosing Stone Carving Machine

1. Power of stone carving machine. When buying stone carving machines, the size of the motor is divided into high power and low power. Because the power of some carving machines is small, they are only suitable for some woodworking and advertising forms of engraving. They can not be used for stone processing. Because the hardness of stone is too big, some small engraving machines can not move stone with too high hardness. The power of the engraving machine is between 4.5 and 5.5 KW. This kind of high-power engraving machine can be divided into two categories. One is negative engraving machine. Negative engraving machine is generally suitable for processing more delicate signs, road signs and so on. This kind of engraving machine requires very high accuracy. The other is large-scale cutting, which is generally more than one meter negative, very suitable for stone carving and cutting, but this large-scale cutting accuracy is quite poor.

2. Engraving machine motor. The engraving head motor of the engraving machine is also a very important part of the engraving machine. The motor of the engraving machine directly affects the performance and application scope of the engraving machine itself. Also need to pay attention to is whether the motor speed of the engraving machine can be adjusted, if it can be adjusted, it shows that the engraving machine can be processed in a wider range, the scope of application will be wider. If the motor speed of the engraving machine can not be adjusted, then the use of this engraving machine is greatly limited, and can only be processed under the standard speed. Products, because the engraving machine must use different rotational speeds when carving different materials.

3. Assembly technology. High-power stone engraving machines need to be precise and stable in processing. Generally, heavy cast iron beds are used in stone engraving machines to ensure the stability and processing accuracy of the engraving machine perfectly.


Important Components of Stone Carving Machine

1. Engraving head motor. In stone carving machine, the engraving head motor is not within the scope of warranty, but the engraving head motor is the one that engraving machine works for a long time, so if the engraving head motor is out of order, it will also affect the quality of the engraving machine.

2.  Drive controller. The driver controller is simply a driver. All the operations are done by the computer. When the engraving machine works, the computer of the controller is in a waiting state and can not do typesetting work. MCU controller is controlled by single board computer or single chip computer. This kind of controller is actually a computer. So as long as the engraving machine starts to work, the computer can do other typesetting work immediately. Especially when engraving for a long time, this advantage is particularly obvious.

3. Screw rod and guide rail. Screw and guide are also important parts of the engraving machine. A good screw and guide is the only guarantee for the accuracy and performance of a engraving machine when it is used for a long time.


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