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    Special Shaped Stone Processing Equipment

  • Stone Ball Profiling Machine

    This machine is a kind of high intelligence special-shaped stone material processing equipment, mainly processes each kind of shape stone ball, including the round ball, the solid column and so on. The equipment has reasonable structure, stable performanc
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  • Cylindrical Stone Profiling Ma

    cylindrical stone profiling machine uses gantry design,microcomputer control,optical measurement and control,this can cut any shape of circular railing,ball,column base,column caps and other rotating body type stone.
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  • Column Hat Stone Profiling Mac

    The column hat stone profiling machine mainly serves for antique buildings.The pillars used in the construction, cutting the stones at both ends, use the machinery produced by our company.Waiting for your inquiry.
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  • Column Stone Profiling Machine

    Suitable for gardening Plaza floor paving exterior wall dry hanging villas, doors and windows, municipal road tombstone carving household countertop balcony indoor countertop outdoor balcony, courtyard, restaurant, floor wall, step, base, step, eaves, col
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  • Multi Function Computer Stone

    Multi function computer stone copying machine is a high intelligent special shaped stone processing equipment.It mainly process all kinds of shape such as flex,roman column,big arc plate ,arc board and so on.We want to provide OEM service for more clients
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  • Multi Function Computer Stone

    We supply multi function computer stone profiling machine with many years.We get the best reputation both in domestic and in aboard.
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  • Semi Automatic Burning Plate S

    The semi-automatic plate burning machine is a new type of practical products.The equipment has high degree of automation, simple operation, uniform performance processing. The use of this machine will greatly reduce the intensity of labor.
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  • Fully Automatic Burning Plate

    Introduction to the Double heads stone engraving machine This machine is for flaming granite slab. It could ignite and quench the fire according to the slad length automatically. It use the automatic line production system, so it can keep produce continsl
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  • Semi Automatic Lychee Surface

    This machine is a semi-automatic bridge litchi surface processing machine. The motor drives the beam to move back and forth automatically on the table surface. The motor is equipped with a frequency converter to adjust the speed of the beam.
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  • Fully Automatic Lychee Surface

    This machine is advanced from the original single head bridge busing hammering (LICHI£©machine. The machine adopts the line production structure and set with 6 heads. The production capaicty is much higher and performance is better.
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  • Automatic Lychee Surface Stone

    We are one of the best factory of stone machinery in China.We supply automatic lychee surface stone machine all over the world.We The production line adopts the world¡¯s most advanced continuous pressing technique.If there is any needs,please contact with
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  • Keyhole Drilling Machine

    The machine adopts speed regulation frequency conversion automatic drilling. It has good rigidity and flexible operation. Its main engine runs at double speed and has high production efficiency. The machine is mainly used in stele stone, stone, lanterns,
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  • Large Hole Stone Drilling Mach

    The machine has reasonable structure, good rigidity and flexible operation. Its main motor can run at double speed with high production efficiency. It is mainly used in stone tablets, stone, roof, crafts and other deep hole processing. There are two choic
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