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Burning Plate Surface Stone Machinery

We supply burning plate surface stone machinery with high quality.We devoted ourselves to stone machine many years,covering most of the domestic and foreign mar
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We supply burning plate surface stone machinery with high quality.We devoted ourselves to stone machine many years,covering most of the domestic and foreign market.We are expecting becoming your long-term partner in China.

1.Product Introduction of the Burning Plate Surface Stone Machinery

Fully automatic series of burning plate surface stone machinery is mainly aimed at the texturing treatment of granite slab surface. With the advent of this series of equipment, the defects of low efficiency, high cost and unequal surface texture of the previous manual burning board have been completely changed, which makes the surface texturing treatment of stone achieve a new era of high speed, high quality and low cost. It is an ideal equipment for the texturing treatment of stone.

1 . The whole machine adopts electrostatic spraying process, which has beautiful appearance, corrosion resistance and durability.

2. Using unique control system, the height of the plate can be automatically adjusted and the thickness of the plate can be identified automatically.

3. The tractor tray is used to clean the stone foam conveniently. The cutting and rolling brush can be lifted and lowered. It is suitable for cleaning different plates.

4. Torch belt tempering, energy saving device to ensure safety and energy saving.

5. Adding safety protection system, tempering can automatically cut off gas and relieve pressure.

6. Conveying speed and swing speed can be adjusted.

7. The dust removal rate of the dust removal system is as high as 95%, which effectively reduces the hazards of the flying dust to human body.



2.Product Parameter of the Burning Plate Surface Stone Machinery

Item no


gun quantitty


working width


motor power


fan power


working noisy




machine size



3. Product Feature And Application of the Burning Plate Surface Stone Machinery

The advantages of this kind of equipment are:

 1 . The distance between the plate head and the plate surface can be adjusted automatically according to the deformation of the plate, so as to achieve better effect of the plate burning.

2 . The processing cost is low, the gas consumption is small, and the gas consumption can be saved by 120% compared with the manual burning board.

3 . The feeding plate adopts infinitely variable speed, and users can choose different sheet progress according to the characteristics of various sheets.

4 . Full-computer touch operating system, simple operation, human-computer intelligent dialogue operation

5 . Pipeline operation, greatly improving output and product quality

6 . Automatic detection and alarm of equipment failure to help users solve equipment problems quickly and easily

7 . Intelligent rise and fall of gun head with plate deformation 

8 . Automatic Break-off Protection

9 . Computer Touch Interface

10 . Infinitely variable speed of inlet plate

11 . Air consumption saves 120% compared with manual burning


4 . Product Details of the Burning Plate Surface Stone Machinery


5 . Product Qualification of the Burning Plate Surface Stone Machinery


6 . Deliver,Shipping and Serving of the Burning Plate Surface Stone Machinery


7 . FAQ

Q: Does this model have board acceleration?

A: Our machine has no board acceleration function, which can avoid burning out when there is no board.

Q: Does the machine need manual pallets

A: The machine has forward and backward functions without manual pallet.

Q: How many backfires are there?

A: This machine has three anti-tempering Settings to ensure safe use.

8 . Latest News

The economic pattern is constantly changing, and the stone machinery industry is constantly adjusting to keep pace with the development of the times. At present, although China's stone machinery manufacturing industry is facing some difficulties and pressures, especially the traditional manufacturing industry is facing the problems of saving production capacity and reform and transformation, we should also see that the domestic and international markets are vast and there are huge opportunities for development. Therefore, under the guidance of national policy, it is crucial to seize the opportunity to adjust the industrial structure.

In terms of overall layout, the stone machinery industry should conform to the overall arrangement of "expanding domestic demand and maintaining growth", increase the development of domestic market, consolidate the East and develop the central and Western regions, and should not blindly expand reproduction. With the help of the policies of the countries such as the reduction of import tax rate of waste materials and the increase of export rebate rate, the stone carving machine of the stone cutting machine, grinder and polishing machine, hand-operated edge cutting machine, implements the diversification strategy of the international market, consolidates the markets of Europe, America, Japan and South Korea, and develops the emerging markets. Stone machinery industry should adjust product structure, marketing mode and enterprise organizational structure, maintain healthy competition among enterprises, avoid unnecessary internal friction, learn the marketing concept and mode of ceramic industry, take the road of industrial integration, and build aircraft carrier enterprises in the industry. Therefore, we should strive to create our own brand in the international and domestic markets, improve the core competitiveness of stone machinery industry, and constantly promote the development of enterprises. 



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