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The Daily Maintenance Of Gantry Stone Sawing Machine
2019-03-26 15:21:48

Stone cutting machine is the necessary processing equipment in the current stone processing. In the process of stone cutting, in addition to the complete stone, there are still remaining scrap dressing. Our stone sawing machine is the the first choice for cutting large-size slabs and cutting materials. It adopts double columns and large beams to lift and drop. It can cut waste materials at one time without changing unloading plates halfway. It is very convenient. In order to use the gantry stone sawing machine for a long time, we must pay attention to the daily maintenance of the gantry stone sawing machine, in order to better use the gantry stone cutter. So, in daily use, how should we maintain the gantry stone sawing machine?

1. After the operation, tap the slag on the surface of the working and working table with tap water and dry it.

2. Regularly clean the grease on the carriage and guide rails and the guide rail drive screw, and fill the lubricant in time.

3. After the work is finished, move the blade forward by about 10 cm to reset the travel switch rocker arm.

4. If the gantry stone cutting machine is not used after a certain period of time, the blade and the moving part of the fixture and some rustable places in the machine should be coated with a layer of lithium-based butter.



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