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The Methods That Should Be Paid Attention To When Using The Stone Processing Machinery
2019-04-12 15:23:29

In the process of stone processing, stone processing machinery is a mechanical equipment for cutting, polishing and polishing stone, which makes the stone restore its original luster and more suitable for the needs of building materials. The mechanical equipment belongs to the equipment consisting of parts. It is unavoidable that the equipment fails in the process of using, so it can not be used normally. These failures can be avoided in principle. If strictly abide by the code of use of equipment to operate stone processing equipment, not only can reduce equipment failure, but also ensure the safety of operators. Here, Sambin Machinery will tell you about the use of stone processing equipment attention.

1. First of all, to ensure that stone processing equipment operators are familiar with the knowledge of safe operation, safety education before operation;

2. When entering the scene, the staff should wear qualified safety helmet, fasten the lower forehead belt and lock the buckle.

3. Operators must abide by the labor discipline at the construction site, dress neatly and not wear slippers barefoot. Smoking, chasing and drunk work are prohibited at the construction site. Gloves are strictly prohibited and long hair is exposed.


4. Check the protection of the rotating part of the saw, the distributor, the safety baffle above the saw, the electrical control elements, etc. are sensitive and reliable.

5. Inspection of saw blades must be flat, sharp teeth, above the saw blades must be equipped with safety baffles and dripping devices, saw blades installed on the shaft, should maintain the center (axis);

6. No saw blade with two teeth missing continuously shall be used in operation. If there is a crack, the length of the saw blade shall not exceed 2 cm, and a seam stop hole shall be punched at the end of the crack.

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