Three Heads Stone Engraving Machine

Three Heads Stone Engraving Machine

This three-head stone carving machine is a high-tech automatic computer-controlled engraving equipment which can carve on natural stone, glass and ceramics....

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Introduction to the Double heads stone engraving machine

This three-head stone carving machine is a high-tech automatic computer-controlled engraving equipment which can carve on natural stone, glass and ceramics. Stone carving machine can carve calligraphy and painting on stone, ceramic, ceramic tile, can meet the requirements of personalized home decoration, tooling art design, can be used as decoration company, arts and crafts industry, stone industry, stone tablet carving industry, ceramic company advanced carving processing equipment.

General situation of Double heads stone engraving machine

This three-head stone carving machine is equipped with imported double nut screw. It uses  memory of breakpoints to ensure that they can be added by accident (broken knife) or the next day. The machine USES a unique way to save multiple workpiece processing origin. The high power cutting not only makes the engraving fine and serrated, but also makes the base smooth and clear. This machine is very suitable for the use of building models, signs, schools, enterprises and institutions


The machine can be used for engraving glass with a thickness of more than 5MM. It has a large ladder - shaped square pipe integral bed. The machine can be used for woodworking relief carving, PVC, plastic, tile carving, carving, relief, cutting handicraft processing. Multi-purpose machine is suitable for stone, tombstone processing, advertising, decoration and decoration, arts and crafts industry.



Product feature and application

1. The three-head stone carving machine is welded by the heavy section steel as a whole, after many complex procedures, high temperature annealing treatment, large gantry milling processing molding, to ensure that the body deformation is small, rigid.So it's structurally stable.

2.The precision of three-head three-dimensional engraving machine is higher than 0.05mm, and the technical level is completely equivalent to the same kind of European and American latest equipment. Large equipment can carve 1 mm small characters, depending on the precision of the equipment.

3.Three-head three-dimensional engraving machine work can reach 15 meters per minute, the fastest speed, can achieve rapid processing, processing efficiency is high.



Production details 

1. Three motor:Water-cooled frequency conversion spindle, with water pump, can be very good

of the spindle cooling, extend the service life of the spindle.

2. Three-dimensional axis A: planar and three-dimensional, the three-dimensional part can hold the stone, jade and other materials within the diameter of 25CM and the length of 150CM. The tailstock can be adjusted at any time according to the material size.

3. Processing table: 1325 stone machine surface material using aluminum +PVC, the actual processing size of 1300*2500MM.

4. Nylon bellows: PA high strength hose, good flexibility, high temperature and friction resistance, good protection of the cable from external wear,Good insulation.

5. Protective towing chain: nylon towing chain is heat-resistant and wear-resistant, with thick chain pieces and strong load-bearing capacity and low noise during movement. HP enhanced, corrosion resistant.


Product parameter 

Machine model

plane stone carving machine   jcs1325-3h

The engraving range


Z axis stroke

260mm (optional)

Mesa configuration

steel profiles

Fixed type

press plate

X and Y axes

German helical teeth


Taiwan screw

Guide rail

Taiwan silver square rail

Spindle speed

0~24000 RPM

Drive motor

high-power stepper or servo   motor (optional)

Motion control

DSP control system

Air speed


The processing speed

10m/ min

Tool diameter

3.175mm, 4mm, 6mm, 8mm, 12.7mm

Movement mode

gantry movement

Spindle power

4.5kw water-cooled spindle   (optional)

Machine power




Q:What industries is this multi-purpose machine suitable for?

A:Multi-purpose machine is suitable for stone, tombstone processing, advertising, decoration, crafts and other industries.

Q:How much is the three-head stone carving machine?

A:Customized according to customer needs, different models are not the same price.

Q:Do you teach customers how to use the machine?

A:Free on-site training.

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