Fully Automatic Bridge Single Head Grinding and Polishing Machine

Fully Automatic Bridge Single Head Grinding and Polishing Machine

Full automatic bridge single head grinding machine is mainly used for straight line, curve grinding edge and processing of internal and external circular lace. It has high machining efficiency and precision....

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Product introuction

This machine is a fully automatic multi-functional stone processing machine developed by our company. It is mainly used for the straight line, curve and lace processing of stone, with grinding, drilling, milling, throwing and other functions. It can be multi-purpose.


The movable joint function of the machine can also be used to process various internal and external curve lace. It can be processed disk background after adding a rotary table, and can be processed after replacing the saw blade. This machine is a multi-functional equipment integrating linear grinding, curve grinding and stone cutting.



Product parameter

Power supply


Processing length


Drilling diameter


Width of decorative lines


Stone thickness


Traverling speed



Amount of feeding in and back out



Arm radius


Range of curved border

Both inner and external curves

Rotation speed of grinding head


Overall dimension



Product feature and application

1. The machine adopts touch screen for data and function setting. After setting, the machine will automatically feed and compensate for loss according to the set parameters. In addition, this machine also has the data preservation memory function.

2. The machine adopts fully enclosed oil-immersed composite guide rail, which has high grinding accuracy and long service life.

3. This machine adopts double t-groove wide table top, which makes clamping more convenient and improves working efficiency.


Production details 

1. The machine head can be 360 ° to rotate, walking, rotating speed and head movements are achieved freedom one key operation.

2. The crank arm of the machine head can be opened for internal and external processing of curves to adapt to different work needs.

3. Stepless speed regulation can be carried out for head walking, and grinding speed can be automatically controlled.

4.This machine has a variety of machine tools to choose from, which can meet the needs of customers in different countries and regions.

5. Its suggested interface is more user-friendly and easy to use.

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