Infrared Bridge Type Stone Trimming Machine

Infrared Bridge Type Stone Trimming Machine

We supply the infrared full automatic bridge trimming machine with more than 10 year.We have abundant experience and professional R&D team, and our machines are highly competitive both at home and abroad.So I think our company is your best choice.If you have any problems,please contact with us.......

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Product Introduction of the Infrared Full Automatic Bridge Trimming Machine


The whole electric control system of the infrared full automatic bridge trimming machine has passed the authoritative certification,and the safety factor of the electrical appliances is high, and the quality is more guaranteed.The main frame with four sliding pipes is formed in one body, which has high upper and lower stability and long service life. Adopting imported components and finishing accessories, the failure rate is low, the deformation is not easy, and the service life of the machine is prolonged. Workbench hydraulic lifting, convenient upper and lower plate. The host is faster, more accurate, faster positioning and faster moving.

The original operation interface is 5.7 inches. Now it combines 10.1 inch touch screen with traditional button. It has better visual effect, easier operation and more convenient maintenance. There are multiple operation modes in the operation interface, which have higher flexibility, more humanized operation, more time-saving and labor-saving, more convenient cutting and faster speed. In the process of increasing automatic cutting, the functions of increasing, reducing, checking, correcting size and quantity in the middle, and returning to the position of the last cross beam after emergency stop can be realized.

Product Parameter of the Infrared Full Automatic Bridge Trimming Machine


Saw blade movements itinerary


Saw blade diameter


Table size (L×W)


The workbench rotation angle


Main motor power


Table vertical plate turning angle


Water consumption




Product Feature and Application of the Infrared Full Automatic Bridge Trimming Machine


This machine adopts the whole girder automatic displacement, imported electrical parts and high precision spare parts, greatly improving the processing accuracy and stability. It is an ideal equipment for cutting high-value and large-size sheets.


The  produced by our company is controlled by micro-computer. The saw blade can rotate up to 50 degrees in the stereo plane. The matching worktable can rotate 360 degrees in the horizontal plane and locate at 45 degrees (jumping angle) and 85 degree turning plate.

Precision manufacturing and assembling, special side beam protection device and touch operation system make it have the characteristics of high precision, high stability, high efficiency and simple operation. Guiyang Infrared Cutting Machine is especially suitable for processing high-value and large-scale granite and marble slabs.

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Production Details of the Infrared Full Automatic Bridge Trimming Machine


1. All electronic control systems adopt high-quality components-PLC using Taiwan Yonghong, frequency converter using Japan, contactor using Siemens and so on.

2. The positioning dimension accuracy adopts the magnetic grating ruler made by SIKO, Germany, and has the advantages of positioning accuracy not affected by mechanical aging.

3. Control panel, input using touch screen input.

4. The contact surface between the lifting guide pillar and the mid-seat adopts the surface rolling guide sleeve (oil-free self-lubricating bearing) made of PTFE polymer material from DuPont, USA. The guide sleeve surface is rolled into a circular oil storage pit, which can work normally under the condition of less oil or gap oil breakage. It has the advantages of low friction coefficient, good wear resistance and long service life.

5. The fittings used in the fuel tank system are all made of high quality spare parts at home and abroad.

Infrared Marker.

Production Qualification of the Infrared Full Automatic Bridge Trimming Machine





Q:What is the minimum order quantity?

A:Minimum order quantity 1set.

Q:When the manufacturers shipped the product?

A:The delivery term within 15 days after get the down payment.

Q:What kind of payment do I use?

A:Payment Irrevocable L/C at sight or T/T (30%down payment and 70%balance payment against the scan B/L).

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According we analyse, the infrared full automatic bridge trimming machine  is used to cut all kinds of marble, granite and other plates with high precision and full active straight line. This equipment is controlled by PLC, frequency converter, etc. The cut-off specification is input by text display screen. All operations can be completed manually or proactively. It can set up 8 different specifications horizontally and vertically, each of which can be repeated 999 times at most. It can set the cutting form of step down cutter.

The infrared full automatic bridge trimming machine equipped with infrared marking instrument, users can conveniently and accurately set the knife, cutting feed speed can be adjusted at will through speed control switch, can cut 3200*2000 plate, worktable can bear a maximum load of 600KG, can rotate 90 degrees and flip 0-85 degrees.

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