Strips Stone Cutting Machine

Strips Stone Cutting Machine

Our Bridge diamond disc stone sawing machine has the advantages of simple structure,compact,low cost,high production efficiency,cutting speed and so on.We produce the multi piece diamond disc bridge machine for over 10 years, many users all over the word choose our machine and service.We hope to build a great friendship with you....

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Product introduction of the Bridge diamond disc stone sawing machine

The Bridge diamond disc stone sawing machine produced by our factory is reformed on the basis of bridge type disc saw. It has the advantages of simple structure ,compact, low cost ,high production efficiency, cutting speed, standard parts for GM, length of the main beam, hydraulic transmission, computer automation, customized according to requirements. Why is the efficiency of the sliver machine produced by our factory high? Because the stone machine has multiple saw blades, the more the number of saw blades, the more stone can be cut at the same time, and the efficiency is naturally higher.

This machine adopts bridge connection,uses dual railway walking.It has stability,low maintenance rate , simple operation, high cutting speed,high precision and yield features. As the same time, it can lengthen the railway at both sides for the material loading and unloading. It can run in 24 hours without uninterrupted, realize truly all weather production. It is suitable for processing curb,pressure stone , tombstone and so on.



Main technique parameter of the Bridge diamond disc stone sawing machine



The number of saw blade

6-8 piece

Saw blade diameter


Total power


Overall dimensions



The working principle of the Bridge diamond disc stone sawing machine

Bridge-type diamond circular saw, the main structure of this type of saw is composed of cross beam and combined trawler system. Longitudinal feed is realized by moving the trawler up and down, trawler moves around the cross beam to realize transverse feed, and main motor drives the saw blade to cut stone. This type of circular saw has simple structure, compact structure and low cost. It has high production efficiency and wide application range. It is a common stone machinery, so it has been widely used in stone industry.

1. Marble granite silica used in cutting machine with various hardness

2. It has the advantages of fast cutting speed, high smoothness and low crushing rate.

3. The trolley can rotate 360 degrees with a load of 20-40T.

4.The main engine adopts oil-diffused swallow-tail structure, variable frequency speed regulation, sliding parts with high-grade wear-resistant materials walk smoothly and durably.

5.Users can choose different control systems to realize intelligent automatic operation of equipment.



1.manufacture promise

We are a professional stone machinery manufacturing company.

2.Quality control

Our machines will be strictly inspected and controlled.


Pack the nude with with plastic film and wire fixing.


Our marketing team will respond to your questions within 24 hours,technical support is available at any time.


Tips of buying the Bridge diamond disc stone sawing machine

When you need to buy, you can leave a message in the inquiry box below. At the same time, if you don't know how to judge the number of saw blades you buy, you can leave your specific situation behind. We will provide corresponding solutions according to your situation.

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