Single Arm Hydraulic Sawing Machine Combination

Single Arm Hydraulic Sawing Machine Combination

Shandong Sambin Machine Co,.Ltd supply the single arm hydraulic stone sawing machine with high quality and high precision.The thickness error of the stone plate produced by this machine is very small.The single arm hydraulic stone sawing machine is an ideal machine for stone materials processing.If you want to know more,please send an inquiry to us......

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Product Introduction of the Single Arm Hydraulic Stone Sawing Machine

The single arm hydraulic stone sawing machine is based on the combination saw, then optimized and improved.This adopts the structure with four columns and hydraulic locking ,so its overall rigidity is best and the clearance is small, it can reduce the shaking caused in the cutting process .Then the plate produced by the machine has high precision and good flatness .At the same time, it has a great good effects in improving the service life of the cutter head and reducing the power consumption.

The column is a unique combined double sealing device,it greatly reduce the wear of the dust on the machine components,which is beneficial to extend the service life of the machine .And its special lubrication system greatly reduce the number of the maintenance and reduces the possibility of component wear. The single arm hydraulic stone sawing machine produced by our company is a stone cutting machine with comprehensive improvement.

Product Parameter of the Single Arm Hydraulic Stone Sawing Machine







Blade diameter


Number of saw blades






Lift stroke


Main motor power






Water consumption






Total weight






Product Feature And Application of the Single Arm Hydraulic Stone Sawing Machine

1. The elevator guide pin is made of four round steels with electroplated, it has the advantages of small clearance ,good overall rigidity, small shaking during cutting and long service life.

2. The machine adopts the special hydraulic locking device, which can reduce the clearance of the fuselage in the process of cutting or there is wear on the machine, which is helpful to improve the smoothness of the sheet stone and prolong the service life of the cutter head.

3. Pillar lifting is lubricated with grease (commonly known as butter), which is added only once every three months at most. The maintenance times are greatly reduced.

4. The contact surface between the lifting guide pillar and the mid-seat adopts the surface rolling guide sleeve (oil-free self-lubricating bearing) made of PTFE polymer material from DuPont, USA. The guide sleeve surface is rolled into a circular oil storage pit, which can work normally under the condition of less oil or gap oil breakage. It has the advantages of low friction coefficient, good wear resistance and long service life.

5. The lifting cylinder adopts imported oil seals, including five sets of piston seals consisting of an elastic sealing ring, two retaining rings and two guiding rings, which can prolong the service life several times than the common oil seals.

6. Hydraulic and electrical components adopt excellent accessories at home and abroad.

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Production Details of the Single Arm Hydraulic Stone Sawing Machine


1. The water cover cover is made of PVC material, light and convenient.

2. The water cover is made of 3mm thick steel plate, and the interior is made of asphalt for anti-embroidery treatment.

3. Fuel tank assembly - oil pump; solenoid valve etc. Use the advanced material.

4. The trolley is strengthened with double layers around the national standard channel steel. The wheels of the trolley are increased by 250mm (bearing 6411 or 6312) and the wheels of the material are made of steel 215mm (bearing 7210).


Production Qualification of the Single Arm Hydraulic Stone Sawing Machine



Q:What is your packing?

A: Pack the nude with plastic film and wire fixing.

Q:Do you have the service after sale?

A:Our marketing team will respond to your questions within 23hours ,technical support is available at any time.

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Machine tool body is the mechanical structure entity of stone carving machine, which mainly includes main moving parts, feed moving parts (such as worktable, tool holder), supporting parts (such as bed, column, etc.).

In addition, CNC machine tools such as stone carving machine are equipped with cooling, lubrication, indexing parts, tool setting and measuring devices. Compared with ordinary machine tools, CNC machine tools have undergone great changes in overall layout, appearance modeling, transmission mechanism, tool system and operation mechanism, in order to meet the requirements of CNC technology and give full play to the characteristics of  stone carving machine.

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