Relief Stone Carving Machine

Relief Stone Carving Machine

Relief engraving machine eight axis work at the same time. X axis adopts long motor. The Z axis USES brake motor, even if the Z axis will not fall knife....

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Introduction to the Double heads stone engraving machine

Relief engraving machine eight axis work at the same time. X axis adopts long motor. The Z axis USES brake motor, even if the Z axis will not fall knife. Although the machine is heavy, it can guarantee the processing speed of 10 meters. Our engraving machine is widely used in advertising, modeling, carpentry and other industries.


General situation of Double heads stone engraving machine

Relief engraving machine adopts the whole thick wall steel structure design, after welding tempering aging treatment, strong steel, large strength and smooth rotation, so that the time high-speed operation is not deformed, not moving. The machine adopts gantry type mobile working table to be fixed, and the material on the working table surface can be processed arbitrarily.


This is a comprehensive cost-effective professional equipment, suitable for the white medium and large furniture wooden door enterprises. The machine can work all day long with high efficiency. This machine USES Taiwan AM high precision, zero clearance square weight sliding linear guide pair. Rack is a high precision special process teeth, so that the machine runs smoothly. The Y-axis is driven bilaterally, making it fast, efficient, and capable of heavy cutting.



Product feature and application

1. Adopt high quality skateboard, low noise, good dustproof effect, long service life.

2. The installation method is more stable to ensure that the Y-axis does not deform when used for a long time.

3. This machine has multiple leakage protector, and it’s switch has the corresponding spindle,.what’s more ,it works safety.


Production details

1. This relief engraving machine adopts aluminum table top, wider and thicker, strong and solid, not easy to deformation.

2. Its fixture can be fine-tuned up and down, easy to use.

3. This machine adopts thickened hanging board, which contains multiple reinforcing bars, so it is safe to bear weight.

4. This machine adopts the shape of horseshoe foot to make the bed firm and durable.



Product parameter 

The machine model

Relief stone carving machine

The workspace



Aluminum profile +T groove

Spindle power


Spindle speed


Idle speed


Processing speed


Feed height


Guide rail type

PDF 25 Side rail

The transmission way

X/Y helical teeth, Z screw

Drive system

Stepping /servo

Working voltage


The operating system

D macro ncstudio



Q:This machine is generally suitable for what industries

A:Wooden door and furniture decoration industry, wooden process processing industry.

Q:Does this machine have a run-in period?

A:Engraving machine belongs to professional products, its structure is complex. So the new machine must have a run-in period.It will take at least one month (200 hours or more) for the machine to reach a good condition

Q:What if fake goods appear?

A:Our products are all genuine, and we can guarantee the return and exchange of fake products if they occur.

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