Double Heads Stone Engraving Machine

Double Heads Stone Engraving Machine

The machine can simultaneously process two identical or mirror symmetric workpieces, greatly improving the efficiency, suitable for processing relief, arc lines, lettering, milling groove, column board, cutting, hollowing out and so on...

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The machine can simultaneously process two identical or mirror symmetric workpieces, greatly improving the efficiency, suitable for processing relief, arc lines, lettering, milling groove, column board, cutting, hollowing out and so on. Processing width, length, feed height, head number can be customized according to customer requirements.



Product introduction 

This double head stone carving machine adopts imported high-precision square guide rail with double rows and four rows of sliding blocks. Its screw USES Taiwan precision grinding grade ball screw, so it can work with high precision and precision under the knife. This process greatly improves the speed and accuracy of the machine tool. This machine has high bearing capacity, smooth operation, high precision and long service life. Its bed, gantry use steel structure seamless welding. High temperature aging treatment of the whole machine, so that it is strong steel, no deformation. The pulley and other parts are made of industrial castings with stable performance, non-deformation and long service life. Z-axis wall plate is designed with pouring parts and professional anti-resonance design.


It USES independent research and development of high-quality water-cooled stone frequency conversion spindle, stepless speed regulation. It has high torque, good heat dissipation and maintenance free. The spindle frequency conversion system adopts beisde high performance frequency converter, making it stable performance, fast speed, stepless adjustable, strong resistance to radio interference.


The system of this machine is compatible with Artcam, Type3, Coreldraw, wen tai and other CAD and CAM design and production software. In addition, it can control the completion of multi-layer 3D machining, and can carry out fast and smooth 3D machining.


It USES the machining center high-precision processing technology, greatly reduces the resonance produced by the machine, improves the service life of the guide rail slider, and improves the carving precision. The cable of the whole machine can reciprocate up to 10 million times with special numerical control machine tool and high flexible shielding machine tool. Our machine USES soft metal wire sheath to avoid cable damage caused by pressure and collision. The machine is equipped with standard centralized oil injection lubrication system, which is convenient for machine maintenance. It is a great advantage is easy to operate, collective oil supply, so that the service life of machine parts greatly improved.


Product features and applications 

1. The device is fast and efficient, and can carve surprisingly serrated stripes. The machine has a smooth underside and a clear outline.

2. Table top for high strength polyester board, high compression resistance, no deformation. Fixture can also be used to fix special-shaped materials, flexible and convenien.

3. All mechanical parts and electrical components of the equipment, after strict screening and assessment, are adopted the best brand in the market.

4. Its structure has a strong stability, so the noise of the work is small.


Production details 

1. The fuselage structure is strengthened, with high load bearing, small vibration, stainless steel water tank, greatly improving the service life of the machine.

2. Applied materials:Artificial stone, quartz stone, marble, granite, sandstone, bluestone, copper plate, aluminum plate and so on.

3. Processing technology:Engraving relief, arc lines, lettering, milling groove, column board, cutting, hollow-out and so on.


Product parameters

Product series



Processing range



Feed height



Idle speed



Processing speed



The transmission way

XY Axis rack Z Shaft screw

XY Axis rack Z Shaft screw

Spindle power



Drive system



Control system

Dimension macro/handle

Dimension macro/handle

Working voltage



The weight





Q:What if the machine breaks down?

A:As long as you are within the warranty period, you can enjoy the free maintenance service of the original factory.

Q:How long is the warranty?

A:All machine mainframes are guaranteed for one year and spindle for six months. Accessories consumables excepted. If the machine fails, we will replace the new parts for you. You only need to return the old parts to us after the normal operation of the machine.

Q:How do I pay?

A:It is recommended that you use T/T or T/C for payment.

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