Stone Ball Profiling Machine

Stone Ball Profiling Machine

This machine is a kind of high intelligence special-shaped stone material processing equipment, mainly processes each kind of shape stone ball, including the round ball, the solid column and so on. The equipment has reasonable structure, stable performance and high efficiency....

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Product inhtroduction 

This series of equipment USES the patented grinding disc holder. It has the advantages of long life, low failure rate, high efficiency, low abrasive loss, and not easy to break the plate. The machine USES advanced PLC control system, with text display, to achieve intelligent control.


This machine is easy to operate, adopts the frame type complete machine design, USES the microcomputer control. It can cut any shape of stone ball, change the manual processing disagree, consumption, poor accuracy and other shortcomings. Fully automatic control of the machine, adjust the size of each side can process more than one piece, greatly save labor costs, improve the efficiency of high.



Product parameter

Maximum machining diameter


Main motor power


Processing highly


Overall dimensions



Product feature and application

1. The equipment is characterized by reasonable structure, stable performance, friendly man-machine interface, high intelligence and small occupation area, as well as low grindstone loss, low power consumption and high yield.

2. The machine has high machining accuracy and can meet the processing requirements of various products.

3. This machine is easy to operation, can be processed contour line is 360 ° turn. It can adjust the processing Angle at will to cut flat Angle.

4. The equipment has low power consumption, low operating cost, high grinding and polishing efficiency, convenient operation and simple maintenance.


Production details 

1. The conveyor belt of this machine adopts famous brand products, uniform thickness and uniform thickness, realizing variable speed control. Conveyor belt operation and beam swing can be adjusted by frequency converter speed, speed control.

2. The stone ball copying machine has multiple power heads and is distributed around the rotating disk. It can be pneumatic pressure polishing, self - timing rotation. The machine has a rotating disk in the middle, which drives the workpiece to rotate and transport. It is mounted on the rotating disk N independent rotating small table, so that the cylinder rotation.

3. The machine can make the ball rotate 360 degrees horizontally and vertically at the same time. Multiple grinding heads can polish the ball at the same time to improve the processing accuracy and reduce the labor intensity

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