Semi Automatic Burning Plate Stone Building Materials Machinery

Semi Automatic Burning Plate Stone Building Materials Machinery

The semi-automatic plate burning machine is a new type of practical products.The equipment has high degree of automation, simple operation, uniform performance processing. The use of this machine will greatly reduce the intensity of labor....

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Product introduction 

The machine drives the chain roller through the motor, and the processed plate is transported to the gantry flame-jet barbecue area through the stepper for processing. It has the characteristics of low energy consumption and high efficiency.

Eighteen technological innovations have made the equipment more stable and reliable. The machine USES an integrated chain transmission system, which can automatically lubricate and adjust the chain tightness. The mechanical automatic height adjustment mechanism operates stably and reliably, and can automatically identify the thickness of various plates. Mud removal, drying system can automatically adjust the height, so that the processing surface more uniform, beautiful, and energy saving 20%.

This equipment is suitable for continuous burning of granite surface, especially for mass production. This equipment is equipped with 8 shotcrete heads. Firstly, the stone material is heated by the shotcrete mechanism, and then the surface of the stone material is cleared by the plate-sweeping mechanism. In this way, continuous plate burning can be realized. It is suitable for granite plates such as G603, G655 and G657, with the maximum output of 70-80m2 / h. The surface of the equipment is rough, anti-skid effect is good, restore the natural texture of stone, simple, rough, strong sense of nature. This kind of surface basically is used at indoor be like the floor or the facing that makes commercial building, price is low, applicable limits is wide.



Product parameter

Maximum burn width

850 mm

Maximum burn plate thickness

100 mm

The alias

Semi-automatic plate burning machine

The transmission way

Machinery, electricity

Overall dimensions

120x200x700 cm


Used for roughing granite surface

The weight

2.2 t

Installed capacity


The total power


Processing customized


Product feature and application

1. This equipment is mainly used for the roughening treatment of granite, with uniform surface texture, high efficiency and low processing cost. It is an ideal equipment for roughing stone.

2. Its gas consumption cost is 20-30% lower than that of manual labor, which greatly improves the efficiency and reduces the production cost;

3. The gun head of the machine can adjust the distance between the sintered plate and the plate clearly and automatically according to the deformation of the plate.

This machine adopts sucker technology to reduce the labor burden brought by manual lifting plate and improve the working efficiency. At the same time, it reduces labor intensity, thus reducing labor costs;

This machine is easy to operate and convenient for all kinds of people.

4. The sucker is specially designed and developed for stone materials, especially for the adsorption ability of rough surfaces such as burnt surface and litchi surface. High power sucker is specially designed for stone dust working environment, working medium for water is not afraid of dust, sand. The adsorption area of the sucker is large, and there will be no short board injury.

5. The machine has a low failure rate, which reduces the cost of manual maintenance. In addition, it is easy to install, and flexible movement, can adapt to a variety of working conditions.



Production details 

1. The conveying speed and swing speed of the machine can be adjusted, and the plate can be fast-forward automatically; .

2. Bring back the torch to the fire, and ensure the safety and 10% energy saving of the energy-saving device;

3. The combustion system can be adjusted again to save 20% energy, compatible with LPG, BNG gas, oil and other fuels;

4. The machine is equipped with an additional safety protection system, and tempering can automatically extinguish fire and relieve pressure.The technical type of the machine can be used for export.



Q:How many transfer rollers are there?

A:The number of transfer drum can be customized.

Q:What kind of purifier does the machine come with?

A:Oxygen with air gasifier.

Q:What bearing shaft does the machine use? How long does it live?

A:Our company adopts special oil-free bearings with an average life of more than 3 years.

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