What We Should Pay Attention To When Using The Stone Cutting Machine
Jan 31, 2019

In order to be proficient in the use of our stone cutting machines, it is necessary to first understand the installation and adjustment of the thorough machine, as well as the safety matters that the machine needs to pay attention to.

First of all, when the stone cutting machine is installed, the base should be placed on a relatively flat concrete surface or a shelf of other materials, and the track surface should be in a straight state. When there is no need to move the machine, the base can be connected to the foundation with the anchor screws and finally fixed with cement. The support of our stone cutting machine should be connected with four bolts and base. When installing the support, the dial gauge should be used to correct the parallelism of the saw blade against the movement direction of the work surface and the verticality of the saw blade facing the work surface. The error between them must be controlled within a small range.


When using our stone cutting machine, you need to pay attention to the following points:

1. The operator must have the method of using the stone cutting machine, and wear insulated gloves when operating.

2. Before starting the stone cutting machine, be sure to check whether the bolts and nuts of all parts of stone cutting machine are loose. Check the power supply and wiring for leakage. Check whether the direction of the saw blade is placed. Keep the same direction as the arrow of the shield. Check it before turning it on.

3. When cutting the bevel or the bevel needs to tilt the head of the machine, the head of the  stone cutting machineshould be raised to the uppermost part along the upper and lower rotating sectors, and then the bolts on the top of the motive head should be loosened. In order to prevent the nose from suddenly falling down during operation, the head should be held by hand when loosening the bolt.

4. The machine should be inspected and repaired regularly during use.

5. The traveling axles under the workbench, the main bearing components, and the bearing components of the manual feed device should be regularly inspected, cleaned of dirt, and added with butter.

6. In the working process of stone cutting machine, there is noise or abnormal vibration. It is necessary to stop the machine inspection in time, and then use it after abnormal conditions.

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