What Should We Pay Attention To In The Operation Of The Stone Cutting Machine
Feb 28, 2019

In the process of stone processing, cutting is an important process, which determines the overall texture and cutting pattern of stone after the initial processing.Well, a good stone cutting machine is particularly important. Our new high-efficiency energy-saving stone cutting machine is reformed on the basis of hydraulic locking pillar type stone cutting machine. It combines the advantages of multiple models and is more energy-saving, efficient and easy to operate. The machine always has mechanical operation requirements, otherwise the stone cutting machine is easy to break down because of other factors and can not be used normally. So, in the use of stone cutting machine, what aspects should we pay attention to?


1. Check the stone cutter power supply voltage and water supply system.

2. Place the test piece on the work table of the stone cutting machine and fix the test piece with the clamp.

3. Close the box of the stone cutting machine and open the water supply system.

4. Turn on the power of the stone cutting machine and turn on the power switch to adjust the running speed of the stone cutting machine according to the hardness of the test piece.

5. Turn on the switch and start working until the saw machine has returned to the starting point.

6. Turn off the stone cutting machine and close the water supply system to remove the test piece.

7. If the host is abnormally sound during normal cutting, it should be retracted and stopped immediately. Also, press the fast forward button, otherwise the blade and equipment will be damaged. Check the cold water at any time during the cutting process to prevent the blade from being worn or stuck, dead.

8. After use, the residual slag on the work surface of the stone cutter should be cleaned in time, the water stain on the blade and the workbench should be cleaned, and the lubricating oil fed into the knife carriage and the guide rail should be added.

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