What Are The Characteristics Of The Stone Cutting Machine With Good Quality?
Mar 15, 2019

With the continuous development of science and technology in our country and the rapid development of major professions, of course, the stone industry is unwilling to lag behind. In order to save labor costs, the major stone enterprises begin to provide their own stone machinery with good quality, high energy-saving and high operating power. For Sambin Machinery Co.,Ltd, how can they select high-quality stone cutting mahcine?

According to the small edition of Sambin Machinery Co.,Ltd, we know that good quality stone cutting machine has the following conditions:

1. Selection of fuselage information

A. Aluminum alloy or stainless steel is the best material for the shell, which is not easy to corrode and rust, iron is easy to corrode and rust, and the secondary pollution of stone may occur rust spots.

B. Comparing with power cord, according to the knitting of our stone cutting machine, it is necessary to select non-breaking lines (breaking will lead to electric shock risk!), such as high quality PU or rubber wire, which can withstand the cold temperature of minus 40 degrees Celsius and will not show cracking phenomenon; according to the knitting of our stone cutting machine, it is also known that choosing low-cost PVC wire will lead to cracking and can not straighten and distort into distortions in cold weather conditions. It's not easy to straighten up.

2. Operational stability

When the operator operates the equipment, the product with good stability does not jump, the resistance is small, the operation is easy and the fatigue is reduced.

3 . Motor function

What is a good motor? There is no difference in the appearance of the motor of our stone cutting machine. Most people think that the appearance of the motor is a good motor, which is the fault of knowing. Motor is mainly composed of copper wire and silicon steel sheet, of course, there are other accessories; good information can not make good products without good technology.


Discrimination 1 :

1. Noise (no abnormal noise, no murmur), quiet noise;

2. Small vibration;

3. Low temperature rise (= 50 degrees Celsius);

4. High torque.

Discrimination 2: Select professional equipment for testing.

So small motor can have these conditions, it is a good motor

4. Functions of Gearbox

Noise (no noise, no noise) is light and smooth. According to the editorial of Sambin Stone Machinery Co.,Ltd, small noise is not necessarily good, but big noise is not a good product. At this moment, we need to select the manufacturer with reliable technology.

5. The function and power of the whole product

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