What Are The Characteristics Of The Diamond Disc Stone Sawing Machine
Jan 26, 2019

In the stone market, the demand for large-sized plates is increasing gradually, which is an opportunity for stone processing enterprises. In this battle for large-scale sheet metal, whether to occupy the large-scale market or not is the embodiment of the strength of the enterprise itself.Shandong Sambin Machine Co.,Ltd believed that "if you want to do a good job, you must first use your tools" forever. Only the stone machinery most suitable for large plate cutting can be competent for the cutting task.

In the past, frame sandblasting saw was used to cut large-scale slabs. This kind of equipment, because of its high manufacturing cost, is very expensive in the market, and the equipment has low production efficiency and high processing costs. However, the wool quality is very poor, which increases the cost for the subsequent polishing process. Because of the above factors, the processing cost of the board has been very expensive, and the final result is that the price of the board is on the high side. And the advent of the diamond disc stone sawing machine has solved this problem.The diamond disc stone sawing machine has been put into the market for some years, because of its low price and good processing quality. It has become a substitute for frame sandblasting stone machine. The frame sandblasting stone machine is facing the fate of elimination in this market. The equipment of diamond disc stone sawing machine is the embodiment of the further improvement of stone processing technology. So what are the characteristics of a diamond disc stone sawing machine? Next, Shandong Sambin Machine Co.,Ltd knitting on the chatter with you.


The machine adopts gantry frame structure with good rigidity and smooth operation. The control system adopts programmable controller, which is safe and reliable to operate and highly automated. The conclusion of Shandong Sambin Machine has the following characteristics:

1. Wide scope of application and high production efficiency. Considering the needs of users for different specifications of plates, the equipment is equipped with two sets of saw blade chucks, which are used to install large and small saw blades respectively, so as to ensure that the base of the saw blade does not deflect in the cutting process, ensure the smoothness of the plate and the life of the base of the saw blade, and at the same time, do not affect the small saw blade processing saw blade. The equipment can install 2-3 blades at the same time, which greatly improves the production.

2. The structure is reasonable, unique and the processing accuracy is high. As the machine has been developed and manufactured many times, it has reasonable design, simple structure and many unique features. The main structure of the machine is as follows:

(1) The pillars of the machine are easy to be protected and lubricated by internal sliding plate structure, and the pillars are protected by rolling bars and protective rubber plates, which are reliable in sealing and long in service life.  

(2)The cross-beam sliding plate of the machine adopts double V-shaped structure, and its external dimension is wider and longer than that of the cross-beam sliding of similar products in China, so its guiding accuracy and stability are higher. Moreover, a new polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) thin friction-resistant adhesive tape is attached to the V-shaped rail surface of the slide plate, which reduces the running resistance of the machine, avoids the vibration and crawling during the operation of the slide plate, greatly improves the quality of the plate and the durability of the diamond knife head, and reduces the production cost.

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