The Factors Affecting The Bending Of Stone Caused By Saw Blade In The Use Of Bridge Disc Stone Sawing Machine
Jan 31, 2019

In order to solve the problem of stone bending, our company has to analyze the two factors that lead to this problem. The first factor is the factor caused by the saw blade.Most of the circular saw blades used in the bridge disc stone sawing machine are made by welding the base body and the diamond cutter head. The quality of the saw blade depends on the quality of the substrate and the quality of the cutter head and the welding quality of the cutter head. We tells you that these factors determine the quality of the circular saw blade of the bridge disc stone sawing machine.

1. Saw Blade Base

According to known of our company, the new saw blade base is controlled by the tension value and the flatness and end face jump before leaving the factory. However, when the base is used in the stone factory, deviations often occur. As a result, the efficiency and yield of stone cutting are reduced. We believes that this is mainly reflected in the fact that the custom processing technology of the stone processing factory does not match the tension value of the substrate. When the positive value of the tension value is too large, the phenomenon of bending up and down is easy to occur. On the contrary, when the negative value is too large, the phenomenon of bending left and right is easy to occur, and some substrates have already been used after repeated re-welding. This phenomenon can also occur with life. Therefore, our company suggested that you must pay attention to the processing process. When choosing the substrate, you should not buy cheap products and buy defective products. The substrate produced by a regular manufacturer should be used. At the same time, pay attention to the life cycle of the re-welding saw blade, and replace the saw blade base in time to reduce unnecessary losses.


2, The Cutting Head

Shandong Sambin Machine Co.,Ltd tells you that the main manifestation of sheet cutting and bending in the cutter head is that the cutter head is not sharp enough, and the knife or the knife is cut under the condition of forced overload. The current causing the cutting is too large and the sheet is bent. Therefore, we suggested that when using a new cutter head, it should be edged before use, preferably with a mechanical edge, which can reduce the gap between the jump and the end jump.

3.Welding of Base and Cutting head

We tells you that the regular cutter welding manufacturers are using high-precision automatic welding machines. And with high-precision master to assist, strict fine welding can guarantee the quality of the welding process. The flatness of the welding head heating to the saw blade base can be effectively controlled.

From the above three aspects, the influence of the saw blade on the bending of the stone can be solved.

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