The Correct Installation Method Of Stone Cutting Machine
Mar 04, 2019

Stone cutting machine, also known as stone sawing machine, is a multi-knife and multi-stage stone cutting machine composed of cutting knife set, stone conveyor, positioning guide plate and frame.

The installation method of stone cutting machine:

Place two orbits parallel to the ground first. Its width is equal to that of the walking wheel of the cutting frame.

Place the rack on the parallel track, and move forward and backward exactly in line with the track and move freely.

Place the main machine of the stone cutting machine on the frame, and the four rollers on the main machine should completely coincide with the channel steel on the frame, and the movement direction of the main machine after placing is 90 degrees intersected with the movement direction of the frame and each of them can move freely.

Installation of power, so that the motor is firmly connected with the main engine through the motor scaffold, and the axis direction of the motor and the direction of the main engine cross horizontally and vertically.

Install belt.

Install the shield.

Start the motor. Check that the rotation direction of the saw blade axis is in accordance with the direction indicated by the guard arrow.

 Install saw blades. Connect the water pipe.

Stone cutting machine is widely used because of its high processing efficiency, low production cost and convenient use. In order to give full play to these functions, it is necessary to ensure the correct installation method. Therefore, mastering the installation method of stone cutting machine is the premise of normal work.


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