The Advantages Of Fully Automatic Burning Plate Stone Building Materials Machinery
Mar 05, 2019

If a stone wool wants to be put into use, it must be cut, polished and polished by a variety of processing equipment. In these processes, the treatment of stone surface is a very important process. In the stone surface treatment, the fully automatic burning plate stone building materials machinery is a very efficient processing equipment. Fully automatic burning plate stone building materials machinery is a special processing equipment for the surface texturing of stone materials, which can reduce the high cost and uneven treatment of traditional manual burning board. Here, we will introduce to our customers the advantages of fully automatic burning plate stone building materials machinery.

1 . The distance between the burning head and the plate surface can be adjusted automatically according to the deformation of the plate to achieve the best burning effect.

2 . The processing cost is low, the gas consumption is small, and the gas consumption is 20-30% less than the manual burning board.

3 . Fuel Gas Circuit Automatic Break Protection to Ensure Safe Operation of Users

4 . The feeding plate adopts infinite speed change. Users can choose different sheet progress according to the characteristics of various sheets.

5 . Full-computer touch operating system, simple operation, human-computer intelligent dialogue operation

6 . Pipeline operation greatly improves output and product quality

7 . Automatic detection and alarm of equipment failure to help users solve equipment problems easily in the first time


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