Talking About The Operating Principle Of The Stone Cutting Machine
Jan 22, 2019

The stone cutting machine a multi-function stone cutting machine consisting of stone cutting machine saw blade, 360-degree rotating stone work table, fixed plate, mechanical equipment and foundation. The cutting knife set is placed on the stone placing table. And placed on the rack, the stone is sent to the bottom of the saw blade; the stone cutting can be carried out; the stone cutting machine can separately cut the stone material at different depths, and can process the stone material below 1.3 meters, Turn waste into treasure, greatly save stone resources, and help protect the environment. Mechanical cutting of various types of stone can be carried out, and the processing efficiency is high, and the use of small stones is effective, so that the production cost is low.

In the process of mechanical processing, the common methods of plate cutting are manual cutting, semi-automatic cutting machine cutting and numerical control cutting machine cutting.


1. Manual Cutting

Manual cutting is flexible and convenient, but the quality of manual cutting is poor, the dimensional error is large, the material is wasted, the subsequent processing workload is large, the working conditions are bad, and the production efficiency is low.

2 . Semi-automatic Cutting

The profile cutting machine in the semi-automatic cutting machine has a good quality of cutting the workpiece, and it is not suitable for single piece, small batch and large workpiece cutting because of the use of the cutting die. Other types of semi-automatic cutting machines, while reducing the labor intensity of workers, are simple in function and are only suitable for cutting parts of more regular shapes.

3 . CNC Cutting

Compared with manual and semi-automatic cutting methods, CNC cutting can effectively improve the cutting efficiency and cutting quality of the sheet and reduce the labor intensity of the operator. At present, some small and medium-sized enterprises in China even use manual cutting and semi-automatic cutting methods in some large enterprises. At present, with the development of the modern machinery industry, the requirements for the work efficiency and product quality of sheet metal cutting processing are also improved. Therefore, the market potential of CNC cutting machines is still very large, and the market prospects are relatively optimistic.

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