Talking About The Advantage Of The Stone Grinding And Polishing Machine
Jan 23, 2019

Our stone grinding and polishing machine is durable and easy to maintain. When used, only changing the grinding disc or disc can complete various processes such as rough grinding, fine grinding, dry grinding, wet grinding and polishing. In order to expand the preparation requirements of different samples, the diameter of the grinding and disc is larger than that of domestic similar products. There are more choices of different linear speeds on the working face, which can increase the effective working face by 20-30%. It can improve the quality of grinding and polishing samples and the efficiency of sample preparation. Our stone grinding and polishing machine has smooth rotation and low noise. It is an ideal and perfect metallographic sample preparation equipment.

The grinding disc can be swiftly replaced and the rotating direction of the grinding disc can be arbitrarily selected. The grinding disc can be quickly replaced. The multi-sample gripper and the pneumatic single-point loading are provided. The advanced microprocessor control system is adopted in our stone grinding and polishing machine, which makes the rotational speed of the grinding disc and head adjustable steplessly, and makes the setting of sample preparation pressure and time intuitive and convenient. The operation of grinding and polishing process can be completed by replacing the grinding tray or sandpaper and fabric. So that the machine shows a wider range of applications. The utility model has the advantages of smooth rotation, safety and reliability, low noise, and the rigidity of grinding and polishing is increased by using cast aluminium base.


Our stone grinding and polishing machine with water cooling device and abrasive scouring nozzle can cool the sample during grinding to prevent the destruction of metallographic structure due to sample overheating and abrasive erosion away at any time; with FRP shell and stainless steel standard parts, it is more beautiful and generous in appearance, and improves the anti-corrosion, anti-rust performance and easy to clean.

1. It is the most economical and practical equipment produced by our company. The series of specifications are complete and can meet the more sample preparation requirements of users.

2. This series of machines are designed and manufactured according to the international advanced method and sample preparation conditions.

3. Equipped with beautiful and practical FRP shell, all stainless steel standard parts;

4. Dual trays, which can be replaced quickly.

5. It has two working states of stepless speed regulation and two-stage constant speed regulation at the same time, and the two working states can be freely switched, and the steering wheel can be arbitrarily selected.

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