Standard For Safe Operation Of Stone Edge-grinding Machine
Dec 20, 2018

Stone grinding edge machine is a kind of processing and polishing all kinds of granite, marble, quartz stone straight edge line grinding machine. The coarse grind of stone material line, fine grind, polishing is finished once, raise production efficiency and line quality greatly, saved cost. The following author for you to talk about the safety of stone edge grinding machine operating procedures.


The first thing to do before the start of the inspection work, whether the equipment is in normal condition. Grinding wheel compression nut shall not be loose; The grinding wheel shall not have cracks or gaps; Complete and reliable safety cover assembly; Front and rear, upper and lower drive handles operate flexibly without noise. The operator of the stone edger must wear gloves and masks or dust - proof appliances. Doors and Windows in the operation area should be closed to avoid silicon dust escape. Ventilation and dust removal devices must be in good condition and effective.


Secondly, when the steel plate edge grinding to strictly control the adjustment of grinding wheel size, the amount of grinding should not be too large at a time, so as not to cause steel plate grinding and grinding wheel rupture. In case of failure of the grinding plate, if the steel plate is stuck, the main switch shall be immediately closed and the steel plate shall be taken out after stopping. Pay attention to check whether the motor has any heat and abnormal operation at any time during work; Pile up the steel plate (especially the cold rolled plate and the oil plate) pay attention to tidy, not skew, not higher than one to two meters and each other and collision, so as not to slip and hurt people; Feed and transfer steel plate to be held firmly, put in the right position, do not throw about, so as to avoid injury.


So the buyer should strictly follow the operation standard of stone grinding edge machine.If in the process of operating the stone milling machine, ventilation and dust removal device failure, should immediately stop working or take measures. After the work is finished, close the switch and do the cleaning.

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