Professional Introduction To The Use Of Stone Cutting Machine Instructions
Feb 12, 2019

Shandong Sambin Machinery Co.,Ltd is a professional stone cutting machine manufacturer. Over the years, we have always insisted on creating more high-quality stone cutting machine products for the vast number of new and old users. Next, the stone cutter manufacturer professionals will introduce to you the use of the stone cutting machine instructions.

1. Check the voltage of the power supply before use should be within 10% of the rated value. The switch should be disconnected before switching on the power supply.

2. Check carefully before use. If there is any crack or damage in the cutting piece, please replace it immediately.

3. Check that the slices are in working state, and the cutting operation can not begin until the bottom plate is not rubbed.

4. Work feed should be stable and not be too hard. If the speed of saw blade drops sharply, feed force should be reduced to prevent overload from damaging the machine.

5. It is strictly forbidden to remove the protective cover for cutting.

6. The cooling water source of the saw blade is tap water. Before using, the water pipe is connected to the tap, and the appropriate amount of water is produced.


Above is the whole content that the stone cutting machine manufacturers bring to you. Shandong Sambin Machinery Co.,Ltd specialize in producing all kinds of stone machinery. The main products are: multi function computer stone copying machine, cylinder machine, bridge type stone cutting machine, stone drilling machine,handle operation stone cutting machine, bridge line cutting machine and more than ten products.

The company has advanced processing equipment and advanced processing technology, with perfect detection means to ensure zero defects of products. Always abide by the commercial reputation of "honesty, standardization and service", established a sound marketing network at home and abroad, and established an excellent reputation among the vast number of customers. For more product details, please feel free to check our website for updates.


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