On The Infrared Bridge Cutting Machine Lubrication Maintenance
Dec 20, 2018

In order to ensure the normal operation of infrared bridge cutting machine, lubrication and maintenance of equipment is essential. Today by the stone cutting machine factory to introduce the infrared bridge cutting machine lubrication and maintenance knowledge. Let everyone grasp as soon as possible and give full play to the superior performance of infrared bridge cutting machine.


The infrared bridge cutting machine lubrication, mainly including the spindle, transverse box, longitudinal box, transverse guide rail, longitudinal guide rail and hydraulic control system. The spindle of infrared bridge cutting machine adopts 7014-1 high-temperature grease, which needs to be added to the spindle oil cup once a week, and then needs to be replaced with a new grease every six months. The worm gear oil GN460W in the transmission mechanism of transverse box walking and longitudinal box walking needs to be replaced after 150-400h of operation for the first time. The subsequent oil change period should be less than or equal to 400h. To add oil quantity, should press a center to be apart from 75mm position to add 600 milliliter, the center is apart from 90mm place to add 1000 milliliter to be a standard. For transverse guide rail and longitudinal guide rail, users need to use N32 guide rail lubricating oil, refueling to rack surface. After the first use of one month, users should replace the new lubricating oil, after the need to replace every six months every new moisture oil. Horizontal box feeding frame guide rail adopts hand pressure oiler for centralized refueling. Each shift is added once. N32 guide rail lubricating oil is used.


The hydraulic control system of infrared bridge cutting machine adopts hydraulic oil, which should be added to the oil mark. First use half a month to replace the new hydraulic oil, after half a year to replace the new hydraulic oil. Hydraulic oil shall be l-hm32 hydraulic oil.

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