Notes On The Use Of The Bridge Disc Stone Sawing Machine
Feb 18, 2019

The bridge disc stone sawing machine is an energy-efficient stone machine, which is favored by customers. Using is a very important problem in machinery, which has a great impact on production safety and production efficiency. So what should we pay attention to in the use of bridge disc stone sawing machine? We will analyze and explain for you.

1. In order to improve the yield and reduce unnecessary wear and tear of saw blades, please pay attention to the location and reliable fixing of waste materials.

2. When sawing, sparks caused by the strong impact and friction between the cutter head and the stone material cause fever, and sufficient cooling water is needed. If the amount of water is insufficient, the knife head will be burned out, so it is necessary to ensure an adequate supply of water uninterruptedly.


3. Add lubricant on time and in quantity. Full lubrication can reduce friction, reduce noise, improve productivity and prolong the service life of saw blades.

4. Sawing different materials of stone, according to the change of main motor current, please timely adjust the sawing depth and speed.

5. Sawing process should pay attention to the change of sawing sound and current at any time. If any abnormalities occur, they should be eliminated in time.

6. Monitor the quality of the saw wool board, according to the degree and quantity of the wool board overshoot, timely check and deal with its influencing factors.

7. When the saw blade is unloaded and stored, in order to reduce the deformation, it should be suspended vertically.

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