How To Operate Infrared Bridge Type Stone Trimming Machine Correctly
Jan 28, 2019

According we analyse, the infrared bridge type stone trimming machine is used to cut all kinds of marble, granite and other plates with high precision and full active straight line. This equipment is controlled by PLC, frequency converter, etc. The cut-off specification is input by text display screen. All operations can be completed manually or proactively. It can set up 8 different specifications horizontally and vertically, each of which can be repeated 999 times at most. It can set the cutting form of step down cutter.

The infrared bridge type stone trimming machine equipped with infrared marking instrument, users can conveniently and accurately set the knife, cutting feed speed can be adjusted at will through speed control switch, can cut 3200*2000 plate, worktable can bear a maximum load of 600KG, can rotate 90 degrees and flip 0-85 degrees.


1. Beam: Through a pair of synchronous pinions and racks moving forward and backward (Y-axis) on the oil-immersed guide rail of the side beam, the plate is precisely divided by the frequency converter and encoder. 

2. Tool holder: After the pinion and rack move around the oil-immersed guide rail of the side beam (X-axis), we tells you that the feed speed of the cutting can be adjusted by the speed control switch on the operation panel, and can be moved up and down (Z-axis) by the straight hydraulic drive, so that the plate can be sliced actively.

3. Saw blade motor: The main shaft driven by belt provides power for cutting plate.

4. Side Beam: Fixed on the base of reinforced concrete or the base (optional parts) supplied by the factory, the dust-proof and waterproof oil-immersed guideway coordinates the movement of the cross beam.

5. Saw blade: Installed on the spindle to cut the board. Prepare for users themselves and buy on the market.

6. Workbench: Shandong Sambin Machine Co.,Ltd tells you to place the planks to be processed, the table is composed of wooden strips, after wear and tear, users can make their own according to the same specifications. It can rotate 90 degrees or 0-85 degrees by hydraulic drive.

7. Main cabinet or control panel: The main cabinet is equipped with various electrical equipment for control equipment. Shandong Sambin Machine Co.,Ltd tells you that the control panel provides users with buttons, switches and text display for data input and equipment operation.

Hydraulic Master Station: Including fuel tank, oil pump, motor and hydraulic control components, it is the control assembly of the hydraulic part of the whole equipment.

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