How To Improve The Production Efficiency Of Automatic Stone Polishing Machine
Jan 14, 2019

Some customers reported that the automatic stone polishing machine they purchased could not achieve the theoretical production efficiency of the original design of the equipment. The reality and theory are quite different from the theory.After a visit by our company, it was found that the reasons were that the customer did not use the polishing interval difference reasonably.


 What is the difference between polishing intervals?Whether the polishing time of equipment is equal to that of unpolished products, such as whether another batch of products to be polished is ready after 20 seconds (20 seconds for polishing equipment). Take the lobster buckle polished by plane automatic stone polishing machine for example, the standard workbench size is 600 mm x 600 mm. In order to polish more products at one time, the customers make the fixture into a large one, which almost occupies the whole worktable.In this way, although many products can be polished at one time, it brings great pressure to the clamping personnel.

Generally speaking, the polishing time of small products such as metal ornaments is usually only about 10-20 seconds (depending on the process), but the clamping time may vary from 30-50 seconds for the clamping personnel, so that the waiting time for polishing equipment will be very long, in addition to the large clamp weight is not light, and it is easier to fatigue to pick up and take down people back and forth.Once again, many products are placed on the fixture, and it is more likely that there will be displacement or other unstable factors in the process of moving, which will lead to a sharp decline in production efficiency.

So it is very important to make good use of the time difference between polishing intervals. This requires customers to make suitable size fixture products according to actual production conditions, and arrange corresponding operators. Only in this way can the automatic stone polishing machine give full play to its best productivity.

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