How To Improve The Carving Speed Of The Stone Carving Machine
Jan 14, 2019

Many customers have purchased our stone carving machine.The carving speed is very fast in the technical training. However, after running for a period of time, due to the unstoppable operation, some configuration information or settings are lost,causing the high-speed stone carving machine to become a low-speed stone carving machine.So how to improve the carving speed of the stone carving machine?


The most important aspect is the setting of the machine running parameters,the manual low speed and manual high speed affect the running speed of the machine in the manual state,the free speed affects the speed of the machine after the knife is lifted. It is not difficult to understand the speed of the machine when it is working normally.These speeds should be considered comprehensively according to the overall performance of the tombstone carving machine and the hardness of the material to be processed, and should be set to the maximum as far as possible to improve efficiency.

Secondly, choosing different tool paths with the same word in software will generate different tool paths, which means that there will be a gap in processing time.Therefore, we must choose a good tool type when making the path, and choose a larger tool size on the premise that we can make the path, so that the generated path will be reduced, and the actual processing time will be reduced. Another important setup is the setting of the lifting distance of the software. The larger the value, the longer the empty run time of the stone carving machine during operation. We can try to minimize the value according to the smoothness of the material.

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