How To Control The Noise Of Infrared Bridge Type Stone Trimming Machine When Working
Feb 21, 2019

In principle, the noise control of stone cutting by infrared bridge type stone trimming machine is similar to that of general noise control. It is based on the principle that noise can interfere and harm the listener only when there are three factors at the same time: sound source, sound transmission way and acceptance. One or several factors can be controlled to achieve the purpose of reducing noise. However, stone cutting has its own technological particularity. In the specific implementation, we should take into account the specific conditions, technical conditions and economic effects, and other indicators, in order to arrive at a more effective solution. The noise control of the stone cutting of the infrared bridge type stone trimming machine should start from the following three points:


1. Reduce the noise of sound source. Aiming at the causes of noise caused by stone cutting, improving the manufacturing technology, installation accuracy, improving the dynamic balance of rotary parts, selecting reasonable cutting parameters, designing low noise structure and other measures are an important part of reducing noise source, especially restraining the vibration of saw blade, which is an effective way to reduce noise source.

2. Protect workers exposed to noise. This method is relatively negative and ineffective, but because of its economy and convenience, it is also one of the means of noise control when noise can not be reduced for a while. The main method is to plug the ear hole of the operator to prevent noise cotton, wear noise-proof earplugs or wear earmuffs, helmet and other noise-proof articles, in order to reduce the harm of noise to human ears.

3. Using the methods of blocking and shielding sound wave propagation, such as sound insulation, sound absorption, noise elimination and other devices. In recent years, the infrared bridge type stone trimming machine industry abroad combines the protective safety cover with the sound insulation cover to reduce the harm of noise to operators.

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