How Does Manufacturer Of Stone Material Machinery Talk About Discern Stone Material Actor Or Actress
Dec 20, 2018

The quality of a lot of stone material now is uneven, especially a few finished product face stone material. But it is difficult for outsiders to identify the quality of stone. The manufacturer of machinery of stone material talks about how to discern stone material shallow below good with bad.


Want to observe the surface structure of stone material above all: the stone material that has even and meticulous structure feels character exquisite; Have coarse grain and unequal grain mechanism stone material, its exterior effect is poorer. In addition, due to the influence of geological action, there will be some slight cracks in the natural stone. Stone is the easiest to break along these parts, should pay attention to eliminate these products.


The dimension specification that should measure stone material next: in order to avoid the effect that affect join together, or cause the pattern after joining together, decorative pattern, line to be out of shape, affect adornment effect. Stone machinery manufacturers remind the majority of friends to buy stone, stone should pay special attention to the size and specifications of the measurement.


Want to hear stone material knock sound next: manufacturer of stone material machinery studies discovery, quality is good, interior is close even, the high grade stone material that does not have apparent microcrack, its knock sound is crisp and sweet. The interior exists apparent micro crack or veinlets, or because weathering brings about the inferior stone material that the contact between grain becomes loose, its knock sound is coarse.


The above three identification methods may be a little more complex, so after practice, stone machinery manufacturers sorted out a more simple identification tips. We can drop a small drop of ink on the back of the stone, if the ink quickly spread around, it shows that the stone interior particles are loose or there are micro cracks, stone quality is not good. On the contrary, if the ink drop does not move in the original place, it shows that the stone is dense, good texture.

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