Application Of Carving Tool Of Stone Carving Machine
Feb 18, 2019

Shandong Sambin Machinery Co.,Ltd introduce cutting tool use time and replacement frequency

Cutting tools as CNC stone carving machine supplies, wear and tear in the process of gradual wear. The worn tool has a direct influence on the precision and speed of engraving, and has greater harm to the carving machine itself. That requires timely replacement of CNC cutting machine tool, but the earlier also caused a waste of tools, add cost. Here is an example of stone carving machines:

After cutting tools, the cutting force can be increased to 3 times normal. Have a great impact on using his cutting force on the spindle electrode, the spindle motor and the force is inversely proportional to the number of 3 party contact. For example, when the cutting force is increased by 3 times, machining for 1 minutes is equivalent to the spindle used under normal conditions for 27 minutes. Stone carving machine carving tool visible after severe wear does not affect the sample processing, but also influence the using life of spindle.


So what time to replace the stone carving machine tool? We should change the knife in the tool life limit of about 2/3 at the moment. For example, the tool appears severe wear in 60 minutes, the next processing, you should start at 40 minutes to change the knife, and develop the habit of changing knives on time. This is not only to ensure that the processing quality can improve the spindle using life.

So, in order to make good use of CNC stone carving machine, to elaborate in everyday use, as said above, the investigation carefully, each stone carving machine tool replacement in time, then it will not only save the cost, and improve production capacity, prolong the life of spindle carving number.

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