Application And Maintenance Of Stone Carving Machine
Feb 26, 2019

Stone carving machine is a carving machine mainly used for stone carving processing. The carving machine is a computer numerical control engraving machine tool. It is an automatic carving machine tool equipped with control system. At present, carving machines are mainly divided into stone carving machine and mechanical carving machine, and mechanical carving machine is divided into several categories. Compared with stone carving machine, mechanical carving machine can control the depth of engraving products, and is more good at relief processing. Domestic mechanical engraving machine is relatively mature for woodworking industry; stone industry is still in the stage of development and market development.

Stone carving machine is very useful, of course, more attention should be paid to daily maintenance and maintenance. The market of carving machine is expanding. At present, stone carving machine occupies 30% of the whole engraving machine market. Many engraving machine manufacturers have also made the brand of stone carving machine. Up to now, there are more than 100 brands in the stone carving machine market. The daily maintenance of stone carving machine is also very important. Shandong Sambin Machinery Co.,Ltd tells you the main points for attention in safety maintenance:

Start up without grounding rigorously. The ground wire of laser power supply must be grounded and not connected to doors, windows or water pipes. The ground line should be drawn to the outdoor ground. After each start-up, it is necessary to check whether the submersible pump is out of water, so as not to cause poor cooling of circulating water and damage the laser tube.


In the process of machine operation, operators are strictly forbidden to leave, and problems in handling work should be found in time. Such as abnormal sound of machine, high temperature of circulating water, etc. Containers for holding water should be capitalized to ensure that the best use of purified water for circulating water is to replace the circulating water regularly. Once every three days.

Because there are laser and high-pressure parts in the machine, it is strictly forbidden for non-staff to dismantle the machine without authorization. Reflectors and focusing lenses should be wiped with professional camera lens paper or a mixture of medical cotton sticks stained with alcohol. Generally, it should be at least once a week.

When carving, the fan must be turned on to avoid contaminating the lens and focusing lens. Flammable and explosive articles should not be placed near the equipment in order to avoid fire. It is strictly forbidden to place any unrelated total or diffuse reflection objects in the equipment in order to prevent the laser from directly reflecting on the human body or inflammable objects.

In winter, the water in the laser tube must be released to avoid freezing and cracking of the laser tube. Do not push or pull a cart or beam by hand. The environment of the machine is free from pollution, strong electric and magnetic interference and influence. When the voltage is unstable, it is forbidden to turn on. It is suggested to use a voltage regulator.

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