Analysis Of Guide Clearance Of Manual Cutting Machine
Jan 12, 2019

The guide clearance of manual stone cutting machine refers to the clearance between the two guide rollers and the two guide sides of the front guide rail. There are guide clearance between transverse slide frame (or torch trailer) and transverse front guide rail (or cross beam) and guide clearance between longitudinal slide frame and longitudinal front guide rail. If the guide clearance is too large, it will affect the perpendicularity and moving accuracy of X direction and Y direction. By gently turning the guide rollers on both sides of the front rail with your hands, you can feel the size of the guide clearance.

In each wheel on the manual stone cutting machine the inner guide wheels are mounted by eccentric shaft, and above them there is an extension end for adjustment. The guide clearance can be adjusted by rotating the eccentric shaft. When adjusting, do not press the guide roller too tightly to the side of the track. The manual cutting machine usually rotates the eccentric shaft gently. When it feels that the guide roller is pressed to the side of the track, turn a small angle to make it have a small gap, and then lock the eccentric shaft. Longitudinal sliding frame has two pairs of guide wheels for the longitudinal forward guide rail, so there are also two adjusting eccentric axes.

The guide structure of the transverse sliding frame to the transverse front track is similar to that of the longitudinal sliding frame to the longitudinal front track, and the adjustment method is the same.


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