Analyse The Function Of The Bridge Disc Stone Sawing Machine For You
Mar 07, 2019

Sambin Machinery Co.,Ltd explains the functions of the bridge disc stone sawing machine for you:

1 . The lifting guide pillar of our bridge disc stone sawing machine adopts four Plated Round Steel with small clearance, good overall rigidity, small shaking during cutting and long service life.

2. Bridge disc stone sawing machine adopts original hydraulic locking device, which can reduce the clearance of the machine body during the process of mechanical wear or cutting, and is conducive to improving the flatness of sheet metal and prolonging the service life of the tool head.

3. The guide pillar of bridge disc stone sawing machine is lubricated with grease (commonly known as butter) and only needs to be added once every three months at most. The maintenance times are greatly reduced.

4. The guide sleeve of DuPont Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) polymer material is rolled on the surface of the contact surface between the lifting guide pillar and the middle base of the bridge disc stone sawing machine; the guide sleeve surface is rolled into a circular oil storage pit, which can work normally under the condition of less oil or gap oil breakage, and has the advantages of low friction coefficient, good wear resistance and long service life.

5. The lifting cylinder of our bridge disc stone sawing machine adopts the German imported combined oil seal, which consists of a five-piece piston seal consisting of an elastic seal ring, two retaining rings and two guiding rings. The service life is several times longer than that of common seals.


6. Hydraulic and electrical components adopt high-quality accessories at home and abroad.

7. Bridge disc stone sawing machine output control table This data take D14 model as an example, only for reference, not for output basis, the actual output is related to the quality of the blade used by various manufacturers, the quality of saw blades, the quality of workers and so on.

8. Bridge disc stone sawing machine uses a new composite material "nano-nylon" cloth, which has the characteristics of waterproof, dust-proof, anti-tension and anti-wear. The use of detachable zipper structure is conducive to easy replacement.

9. The main parts of sawdust machine are machined by NC machine tools to ensure the accuracy of components.

10. Saw stone machine uses CNC boring machine to process column holes, spindle box and so on, which effectively ensures the processing accuracy of concentricity and improves product stability.

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