What Should We Pay Attention to When Buying Stone Carving Machines?
Feb 18, 2019

Due to the vigorous development of the construction industry, this also makes the building materials industry become hot. Therefore, some people buy stone carving machine to produce building materials. But some of them do not understand the stone carving machine, then how to buy stone carving machine? Below, let us to introduce you to buy stone carving machine matters needing attention.

Matters needing attention in purchasing stone carving machine:

1, The function of stone carving machine:

The stone carving machine of has high power and low power. Some carving machines have smaller power, only suitable for making double color swatches, building models, small signs, three-dimensional handicrafts and other materials processing, this process has been popular for a period of time, but because of the power of engraving is too small and greatly affected the scale of its use. The other is a large power engraving machine carved head, the carving machine is divided into two categories, is a large cutting machine: format generally in more than one meter, but this engraving machine precision is generally poor; the other is the area of moderate: This stone carving machine  is generally used in fine processing and organic plate production.


2, The function and function of carving motor:

Stone carving machine head is also very critical motor, because the head of the motor is generally not attributable to the warranty scale, and cutting head motor is long-term continuous operation, so if the carving head motor is not good, will also affect the use of stone carving machine.

3, Speed and adjustable scale of carving head motor:

Generally adjustable speed is a few thousand to thirty thousand RPM per minute. If the speed is not adjustable or the speed is adjustable, the size of the stone carving machine is greatly restricted. Because of the different materials, different carving speed must be used.

4, Stone carving machine body manufacturing process:

High power stone carving machine operation must be fine and stable, so long term high-power engraving should choose casting body to ensure its machining accuracy and stability.

After the introduction of Sandong Sambin Machinery Co.,Ltd, I believe you have now learned the purchase of stone carving machine matters needing attention, so that you can buy a cost-effective stone carving machine.

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