What is The Scope of The Use of Stone Carving Machines?
Jan 14, 2019

The  stone carving machine is suitable for single-line body, milling bottom, 3D, embossing and other carving processes on hard materials such as flat glass and marble.

Applicable to all kinds of glass, marshmallow machine, lens processing industry and crafts manufacturing industry.

The work of stone carving machine is composed of three parts: graphic input, data processing and automatic control of processing process.


Graphic input part: the preparation of the carving graphics through the carving software processing, collation into a computer recognizable digital graphics file, in order to control the automatic work of processing machinery.

Data Processing Part: The graphics files processed and sorted out by the sculpture software are further processed into electrical signals which can control the action of the processing machinery by computer.

Processing process automatic control part: execute computer instructions, complete graphics engraving processing. In the whole processing process, the operator is only responsible for inputting processing data, upper and lower workpieces and monitoring the processing process, and other work is automatically completed by the equipment.

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