What Is the Cutting System of the Diamond Disc Stone Sawing Machine Made Up Of?
Mar 15, 2019

Sambin Stone Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise which integrates design, manufacturing, mechanical and electrical installation, sales and service. It is committed to the research and development of various stone processing equipment, mainly engaged in various large, medium and small stone cutting machines, edge grinders, plane polishing machines and ceramic cutting machines. The main products are Sambin brand computer automatic copying cutting machine, one-piece cutting machine, hand-operated small cutting machine, oil-immersed sealed track decoration cutting machine, special-shaped straight oil-immersed automatic edge grinding machine and other stone processing machinery and equipment.

According to the knitting of Sambin stone trimming machine, diamond disc stone sawing machine is one of the most common equipment in stone machinery. However, the traditional diamond disc stone sawing machine is not comparable to foreign stone sawing machine because of its backward technical level. Sambin Machinery is committed to independent innovation and development, which is more suitable for China's national conditions. Improve the shortcomings of traditional stone saw. The following is the plan of Sambin stone trimming to improve the cutting system of the diamond disc stone sawing machine. The more advanced PLC control system is used to replace the relay control system on the traditional diamond disc stone sawing machine.


There are three motors on the diamond disc stone sawing machine. Sambin stone cutting machine knitting machine knife head motor, lifting motor, walking motor. The function of the cutter head motor is to drive the turning of the cutter head, the function of the lifting motor is to drive the up and down movement of the cutter head, and the third is to drive the left and right movement of the cutter head.

According to the small edition of Sambin stone trimmer, the main input signals in the diamond disc stone sawing machine are stroke switch signal (upper and lower limit current), control signal (upper, lower, left, right, pause, manual and automatic) and text display input signal (length of the first cutter, cutting volume, delay time). The small edition of Sambin stone trimmer tells you that the output signal is mainly controlled by frequency converter, elevator motor by AC contactor, and self-protection function of the saw. The control system of the disc saw has been centered on PLC to realize the reception and output control of various signals.

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