What are the requirements for spindle motor and servo motor of stone carving machine?
Feb 16, 2019

The power system of stone carving machine is spindle motor and servo motor, which are similar but different. From the motor requirements, the following stone carving machine manufacturers to share with you what requirements of the stone carving machine for the spindle motor and servo motor?

Requirements for spindle motor of stone carving machine:

(1) Sufficient output power, the load property of the spindle of stone carving machine is similar to "constant power", that is, when the spindle speed of machine tool is high, the output torque is small; when the spindle speed is low, the output torque is large; that is to say, the spindle drive device is required to have the property of "constant power".

(2) Speed regulation range: In order to ensure that the stone carving machine is suitable for various cutting tools and processing materials, and suitable for various processing technologies, the spindle motor is required to have a certain speed regulation range. But the requirement of the spindle is lower than that of the feed.

(3) Speed accuracy: generally, the static error is less than 5%, and the higher requirement is less than 1%; (4) Speed: Spindle drive device is sometimes used in positioning function, which requires it to have a certain degree of rapidity.


Requirements of servo motor for stone carving machine:

1. Mechanical characteristics: Require small speed drop and high stiffness of servo motor.

2. Requirements for fast response: This is more stringent in contour processing, especially for high-speed machining of objects with large curvature.

3. Speed range: This can make CNC machine tools suitable for various cutting tools, processing materials, and different processing technology.

4. Certain output torque and overload torque are required. The nature of machine tool feeding mechanical load is mainly to overcome the friction of worktable and cutting resistance, so it is mainly the "constant torque" nature.

In summary, in the use of the motor of stone carving machine, the requirements for the spindle motor and servo motor are different. Therefore, when we use it, we must understand it well so that the engraving machine can run normally.

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