The Reason that The Bridge Disc Cutting Machine Is Not Smooth Enough when Cutting
Jan 14, 2019

1.When use the bridge disc cutting machine,you often overlook is that the load-bearing header of the steel plate is unstable.This is why we have been asking our customers to make cutting headers according to standards.If the header is not used or the header is not welded firmly, if there is vibration caused by heavy machinery around, it will cause the steel plate to oscillate or shift, which will cause the cutting surface smoothness to decrease during the cutting process.

2.The gap at the joint of the mechanical part on the bridge disc cutting machine is too large.  For example, there is a gap between the motor and the gear, the torch holder is not fixed firmly, the torch lifting and lowering device is unstable, and the lateral hanging plate bearing is not concentric or damaged.All of the above conditions will cause the torch to shake during the movement, resulting in the generation of toothed corrugations on the cutting surface. Our bridge disc cutting machine adopted self-adjusting device, which greatly avoids the occurrence of these situations.The professional technology casts the quality of our stone cutting machine, and has professional mechanical automation technicians, which is enough to ensure the precise operation of the machine.


3.The perpendicularity of the torch relative to the steel plate will also affect the cutting effect. Therefore, the correction of the torch's perpendicularity before cutting is also very important.

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