The Definition, Characteristics and Application of The Stone Cutting Machine
Mar 01, 2019

1 . Definition of stone cutting machine

Stone cutting machine is a multi-knife multi-stage stone cutting machine composed of cutting knife set, stone conveyor, positioning guide plate and frame.

2 . Characteristics of stone cutting machine

(1) Easy to operate, environmentally friendly, clean, convenient, professional, accurate, high-quality and efficient.

(2) All kinds of ceramic tiles, wall tiles, floor tiles, three-dimensional tiles, ceramic plates, vitrified tiles and flat glass can be cut in a straight line.

(3) Stone cutting machine can not only cut smoothly, but also improve the efficiency by more than 5 times, prolong the life of the cutter wheel by 2-4 times, cut edge neat, low cost, no noise, lightweight, easy to use and carry, so it is welcomed by the majority of builders.


3 . The use of stone cutting machine

The stone cutting machine is composed of cutting knife set, stone conveyor, positioning guide plate and frame. Stone cutting machine is made of iron suitable for dry cutting, wet cutting of all kinds of stone, building materials, ceramic tile, granite, marble, cement board, red brick, refractory brick, etc. It is a necessary tool for home decoration.

Stone cutting machine can cut stones in different depths, can process stones less than 1 m3, can turn waste into treasure, greatly save stone resources, but also conducive to the protection of the environment. All kinds of stone can be machined. The processing efficiency is high, and the small stone can be effectively used, so that the production cost is low.

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