Teach You How to Choose A Single-arm Stone Sawing Machine With Good Performance
Mar 09, 2019

As a professional stone machinery and equipment manufacturer, Shandong Sambin Stone Machine Company is a professional company which produces and manufactures stone machine such as single-arm sawing machine, bridge disc stone sawing machine, stone trimming machine, stone edge grinding machine, combined sawing machine. After several years of development, our products are exported to home and abroad, mainly involving casting, mechanical processing, logistics and other fields. Shandong Sambin Stone Machine Company and its users are anxious to solve their difficulties. Today, we mainly introduce the single-arm stone sawing machine in stone equipment.

To understand and introduce the single-arm stone sawing machine, first of all, we need to understand the performance characteristics of the single-arm stone sawing machine. The frame of the single-arm stone sawing machine is connected with a two-way single cantilever on the rigid frame column, with a lifting arm at the cantilever end, a diamond disc saw at the lower end of the lifting arm, a spindle drive motor at the top, a lifting vertical screw in the lifting arm, and a speed regulating motor in the feeding vehicle. The advantages of single-arm stone sawing machine are: small size, light weight and large input torque; single-arm or double-arm sawing operation, simple structure and flexible operation; circular saw can have three rotational speeds, feed truck can speed up, and can meet the needs of different hardness of stone sawing speed. It is suitable for the sawing and cutting of various stone materials.


The feed screw of the worktable car of the single-arm saw-stone machine is equipped with protective device and clearance adjusting device, which greatly improves the service life and slicing accuracy of the screw. The cycloidal pin reducer is used to drive the lifting screw to use saw blade for lifting and lifting, which is convenient for maintenance and low failure rate. The latest four-column hydraulic lifting can also be selected, and the lifting is stable and fast. It combines the advantages of large saws and cutting machines, with high efficiency and low consumption.

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