Talking about the Cutting Angle Requirement of Infrared Bridge Type Stone Trimming Machine Equipment Can't Be Neglected
Mar 07, 2019

In the process of stone processing, the commonly used methods are manual cutting, semi-automatic cutting machine cutting and numerical control cutting machine cutting. The manual cutting is flexible and convenient, but the follow-up processing workload is large, the size error is large, the material waste is large, and the working conditions are bad, the production efficiency is low. The semi-automatic cutting machine, such as infrared bridge type stone trimming machine, cuts the workpiece with better quality and reduces the worker's labor intensity.

Infrared bridge type stone trimming cutting machine utilizes high-speed rotary cutting technology of diamond cutter to flexibly apply to field stone mining. The whole machine uses mechanical and electrical integration combination, high performance ratio, scientific and reasonable structure, with the advantages of high efficiency, low consumption, safety, environmental protection and energy saving. It fundamentally solves the problems of unsafe mining of traditional stone, destroying resources and polluting the environment.

Compared with manual cutting, infrared bridge type stone trimming machine can effectively improve the efficiency and quality of plate cutting and reduce the labor intensity of operators. With the development of modern machinery industry, the requirement of work efficiency and product quality for plate cutting is also improved. Therefore, the market potential of infrared bridge type stone trimming machine is still very large, and the market prospect is relatively optimistic.


The infrared bridge type stone trimming machine manufactured by our company adopts integral beam auto-shifting, high-quality imported electrical parts and high-precision spare parts, which greatly improves the processing accuracy and stability. It is the preferred equipment for cutting high-value and large-size sheets. This machine has passed the authoritative certification, electrical safety factor is high, quality is more guaranteed. The main frame with four sliding pipes is formed in one body, which has high upper and lower stability and long service life. Adopting imported components and finishing accessories, the failure rate is low, the deformation is not easy, and the service life of the machine is prolonged. Workbench hydraulic lifting, convenient upper and lower plate. The host is faster, more accurate, faster positioning and faster moving. The original operation interface is 5.7 inches. Now it combines 10.1 inch touch screen with traditional button. It has better visual effect, easier operation and more convenient maintenance. There are multiple operation modes in the operation interface, which have higher flexibility, more humanized operation, more time-saving and labor-saving, more convenient cutting and faster speed. Increase the automatic cutting process, midway can increase, reduce, check, modify the size and quantity, emergency stop can return to the position of the last beam and other functions, is your infrared bridge type stone trimming machine's choice.

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