Talk About The Automatic Stone Polishing Machine
Jan 12, 2019

       Automatic stone polishing machine is a new type of machine designed by our company recently, which combines the advantages and disadvantages of various types of stone wire machines on the market. The automatic stone polishing machine is fastidious in material, fine in manufacture, high in quality and speed in line processing, safe and simple in operation, energy-saving, wear well.


        The setting of sutomatic stone polishing machine is used by fixed grinding depth, which is realized by setting wheel (different curves, depending on requirements). Polishing adopts automatic control setting, grinding pressure is automatically compensated to prevent stone damage caused by pressure increasing impact, which greatly improves productivity and brings you better benefits.

          Our automatic stone polishing machine, pneumatic polishing machine and arc polishing machine can process and polish special-shaped lines, french side, waist side, duck mouth side, etc.

          Details for decoration, such as top line, waist line, partition line of different materials, etc., various complicated lines of European style.

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