Stone machinery industry to adjust the industrial structure and promote development
Dec 20, 2018

The economic pattern is changing constantly, and the stone machinery industry is also adjusting to keep pace with the development of The Times. At present, although China's stone machinery manufacturing industry is facing some difficulties and pressure, especially the traditional manufacturing industry is facing the difficulties of capacity saving, reform and transformation. However, we should also note that the domestic and international markets are vast and there are huge opportunities for development. Therefore, under the guidance of national policies, it is crucial to grasp the opportunity to adjust the industrial structure.


From the big layout, stone machinery industry should comply with China's overall deployment of "expanding domestic demand and maintaining growth", increase the strength of domestic market development, consolidate the east, develop the central and western regions, should not blindly expand reproduction. We will make use of the policy support of countries such as the reduction of import tax rates on raw materials and the increase of export rebate rates to implement the diversification strategy of international markets, consolidate the markets of Europe, the United States, Japan and the rok, and develop emerging markets. Stone machinery industry to adjust the product structure, marketing model, enterprise organizational structure, so that each enterprise to maintain healthy competition and avoid unnecessary internal consumption. We should learn the marketing concept and mode of ceramic industry, take the road of industrial integration, and build an aircraft carrier enterprise in the industry.


Therefore, we should strive to create our own brand in the international and domestic markets, improve the core competitiveness of the stone machinery industry, and constantly promote the development of enterprises.

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