Stone machinery future development trend
Dec 20, 2018

With the general trend of reform and opening up, the country attaches more and more importance to the development of stone machinery industry. At present, the stone machinery industry continues to develop upward. Stone machinery will be diversified, high efficiency, precision, automation, the direction of the assembly line development.


Stone mining machinery to diamond rope saw machine, large mast crane, multi-head drilling machine and so on to adapt to the modern stone waste production efficiency to improve the direction of development. Stone processing machinery to the continuous development of production lines. Large sand saw, frame saw, multi-knife cutting machine, continuous mill and surface treatment equipment, special-shaped processing machine, engraving machine, processing center will be favored by users. Decoration machinery shows a trend of miniaturization, portability and diversification. Stone maintenance machinery is to miniaturization, specialization, high efficiency, portable development. Stone detection instruments and equipment to more professional, standardized, versatile, miniaturized, intelligent direction of development. Stone decoration design to the computer, database, network development. The combination of corresponding equipment, instrument and application technology will also be an important part of the development of stone software science in the future. The introduction and application of stone CAD design software provide rich and colorful forms and patterns for the decoration and decoration of stone. Ultra-thin stone, super-large equipment has also been developed, so that the size of the new product specifications more suitable for decoration requirements. New, convenient stone decoration machinery, tools are more widely used in the decoration site. Stone cleaning, protection, bonding machinery has become a new application field of stone chemistry. Synthetic stone production equipment has been realized localization, promote the utilization of resources, but also promote the use of synthetic stone field development.


The stone machinery industry in the future is a bright, the development of stone machinery has great potential. The stone machinery industry is supported by national policies and has a broad prospect in our international market.

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