Stone machinery development and reform process
Dec 20, 2018

Before the industrial revolution, all stone mining and processing was done by hand. It was not until the 19th century that the first machinery for stone processing appeared in Europe, which brought a revolution to the stone processing industry. After the invention of stone machinery, stone processing was liberated from heavy physical labor. From then on, stone processing began to develop from manual operation to mechanization.


With the development of equipment and tools of the stone machinery , diamond frame saw machine appeared, which is used to process rough board of marble. Granite frame sand saw adopts synchronous screw feed structure, sand adding system adopts automatic mixing sand blasting and water spraying system, which greatly improves the processing efficiency and quality.


Stone processing equipment with the emergence of new technology and continuous development, and its processing technology has been constantly improved. Stone processing from the plate to the atypical development. Along with the emergence of arc plate cutting machine, arc plate grinding machine, stone line cutting machine, CNC engraving machine and a series of special-shaped stone processing equipment. Stone processing equipment has been constantly improved and updated with the development of science and technology. Processing methods also from mechanical processing to high pressure abrasive water processing, laser processing, flame processing, sandblasting processing and other directions. Auxiliary equipment also from a single mechanical device to CNC and intelligent direction of development.

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