Share the Installation Method of the Stone Polishing Machine
Feb 11, 2019

Below we mainly introduce the installation method of the stone polishing machine. Those who are interested in buying our stone polishing machine can pay attention to it.

1. Prefabrication of stone polishing machine worktable and workbench. Prefabricate according to the basic installation drawings provided by the manufacturer. The size and position of the mill foundation shall meet the requirements of the basic drawings and the quality of the foundation shall meet the requirements of the Code for Construction and Acceptance of Reinforced Concrete Projects.

2. Installation of main engine. Firstly, the foreign body and oil contamination on the surface of the pre-embedded hole of the anchor bolt are cleared/removed. In accordance with the "Code for Construction and Acceptance of Mechanical Equipment Installation Works", anchor bolts are installed, the base of the main engine is placed on the worktable, roughly vertical with the worktable, then cement mortar is poured into the bolt hole of the foot to fix the anchor bolts. When the cement mortar solidifies (usually no less than 7 days in summer and no less than 12 days in winter with freeze-proof measures), the nuts on the anchor bolts can be tightened evenly. At the same time, the horizontal degree of the worktable can be measured by the level meter. After the vertical and horizontal degree of the worktable can not be greater than 0.15 mm/1000 mm, the vertical degree of the pillar to the base plane can not be greater than 0.10 mm/1000 mm, and then the pillar is taken as the benchmark for inspection. The parallelism of the measured spindle to the column shall not be greater than 0.5mm/1000mm (this only allows the spindle to tilt forward). The above items should be checked repeatedly to ensure that the base is filled with cement mortar and smoothly repaired.


3. Installation of main motor of stone polishing machine. Install the main motor on the motor base of the grinding head body, install the triangular belt and adjust its tension.

4. Installation of electrical control. According to the principle of electrical appliances and wiring diagram, professional electricians wiring and wiring, and do a good job of water and dust prevention treatment of the electronic control box.

5. Installation of grinding disc of stone polishing machine. Install and fix the pin or bolt of the grinding disc on the main shaft, adjust the height of the grinding head at the required position, rotate the handwheel to pressurize the grinding head, and check whether it meets the requirements of pressurization.

6. The parts that rotate and move must move flexibly without obvious jamming. Most of the parts that should be fastened must be tightened reliably.

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