Problems Needing Attention to in Stone Carving Machine Processing
Mar 07, 2019

With the improvement of living standards, people begin to pursue artistic sentiment in their home life. From flower pots, tea tables, bench surfaces with unique shapes, industrial floors, and a large number of stone crafts, it can be seen that more and more special-shaped stone products are integrated into people's lives. So what problems do we encounter in the process of stone carving machine? Today let's talk about the role of adding water in the process of stone carving.

The standard stone carving machine and tombstone carving machine are double-cooled: on the one hand, because the stone material is hard, water-cooled knife head should be used when working; on the other hand, water-cooled spindle should be used to prevent the temperature of the spindle from being too high, which has a certain protective effect on the spindle. However, if customers do not pay attention to or do not follow the training steps, there will be no water dry burning phenomenon, causing serious damage to the machine itself.

The main shaft of stone engraving machine is most likely to burn out because of overheating of the main shaft and overheating of the temperature. Generally, after the spindle is burnt out, it needs to be repaired back to the factory. Then repaired and sent back from the factory, so that a cycle of about a week, will seriously delay the normal processing time, if customers there are urgent orders, it will cause great losses. Therefore, when customers are processing, they must follow the training and operation of factory technicians to ensure the normal use of the machine and extend the application cycle of the machine.


If the spindle of the stone carving machine is not cooled by water, it will always be in a state of continuous high temperature heating. Easily lead to spindle shaking or dislocation, sculpture speed, slow, unstable phenomenon. On the one hand, the accuracy will be affected, on the other hand, the spindle misalignment will make the sculpture sample misalignment, the sculpture sample of natural loopholes, very fine.

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